Relieve Pain and Itch from insect stings and bites

Therapik® Home>>How to Use Therapik®

The Therapik® is indicated for use to provide temporary relief of the pain and itching resulting from insect stings and bites such as bees, wasps and mosquitoes by increasing localized blood flow.

Quick Instructions on how to use Therapik®
Immediately after the bite or sting, place Therapik® cylindrical opening on the affected area (DO NOT PRESS).

Activate the Therapik® by keeping the large blue button depressed for as long as the heat is bearable on the skin.

The average application time is approximately 30 seconds. If pain persists,Therapik® may be reapplied to the bite or sting until relief is obtained.

Wait 60 seconds between each application to allow skin temperature to return to normal.

For more information on the Therapik®, click here.


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